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    建设和传播 Committed to the construction and dissemination of corporate brand image

    Sokelai has twelve years of website construction design experience

    Over the years, Souker has not forgotten its original intention, and has set the industry service benchmark as the goal, continuously improving the technology and design service level, helping customers build an Internet brand image, optimizing communication channels, and accurately targeting target customers. The basic services of Souker are: website construction design, mobile terminal development, e-commerce system development, and website SEO optimization . We take the success of our customers as the highest honor, and we create value for our customers to realize their own value!

    Classic case

    Website case

    • Taoyuan Catering Group

      Taoyuan Catering Group

      The largest restaurant chain brand in Guangdong

      Shenzhen Taoyuan Catering Planning Management Group is a restaurant management company integrating catering management, product research and development, education and training, management consulting, marketing planning, and franchising. It is the pioneer and leader of the new model of "Taiwanese Teppanyaki Choice Fast Food" in the world. , The global management and operation headquarters of Tao Tao fast food brand.

    • MAX interior design

      MAX interior design

      Leading the interior design industry in private custom design and innovative design

      MAX is an interior design company that has won many awards and has been focusing on pure design for many years. Renowned in the field of private custom design and innovative design, becoming a leader in private custom design. Some magnificent and enviable private residences have been created, as well as various commercial projects.

    • Huaqiang Property

      Huaqiang Property

      Dedicated property management for Huaqiang Group real estate development project

      A wholly-owned subsidiary of Shenzhen Huaqiang Group Co., Ltd., dedicated to fully entrusted property management of Huaqiang Group's real estate development projects

    • Desai Industry

      Desai Industry

      17 years of high-end LED display manufacturers, China's top 500 companies,

      Desai Industry is currently a large electronic information enterprise group with annual sales income exceeding 20 billion yuan. It owns a listed company (Desai Battery), and its industries involve automotive electronics, new energy batteries, information technology, LED optoelectronics, IC design, intelligent equipment, and precision components. Desai Industry is a Fortune 500 company in China, and more than 30 of its partners and customers are Fortune 500 companies.

    • Hanya Decoration

      Hanya Decoration

      One of the top domestic hotel interior design agencies

      Shenzhen Hanya Decoration Design Co., Ltd. was founded by well-known designer Mr. Wei Xuesong. It specializes in providing interior design and consulting services for international and domestic brand hotels. It is one of the top domestic hotel interior design agencies.

    • Han's Yuanheng Optoelectronics

      Han's Yuanheng Optoelectronics

      High-end LED lighting and display system engineering solution provider

      Shenzhen Han's Yuanheng Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. ("Yuanheng" for short) is a national high-tech enterprise and a professional provider of high-end LED lighting and display system engineering solutions. The company was established in 2002 with a registered capital of 51.3 million yuan. It is located in the modern Fuyong Han Nationality Laser Industrial Park in Baoan District. It has a research and development and production base of 20,000 square meters. Has obtained the world's top ISO certification body BSI (British Standards Institution) issued ISO9001: 2008 and ISO14001: 2004 certification.

    • Shangmei Model Hanger

      Shangmei Model Hanger

      A wholly foreign-owned enterprise specializing in environmentally friendly plastic models and other craft exhibits

      Dongguan Shangmei Model Hanger Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise specializing in the development, design, production and sales of environmentally friendly plastic model props, glass fiber reinforced plastic model props, hangers and other craft exhibits, and wooden products.

    • Shenzhen Ruilongyuan Electronics

      Shenzhen Ruilongyuan Electronics

      Top 10 companies specialized in producing electronic components, domestic brands

      Shenzhen website construction company Sokelai Technology is the official website of Shenzhen Ruilongyuan Electronic Design Enterprise. Ruilongyuan Electronics is a professional manufacturer of electronic components, and top 10 domestic brands.

    • Aosheng Wood Group

      Aosheng Wood Group

      Specializing in the production of laminate flooring and solid wood flooring, there are four large production bases in the country

      Specializing in the production of laminate flooring and solid wood flooring, there are four large production bases and nearly ten supporting service teams in the country.




    • Marketing Website Construction Solution

      Marketing Website Construction Solution

      Why choose a marketing website? The website is not searchable on Baidu, and all the competitors' websites are in front? Today's customers, the scope of search accuracy is getting smaller and smaller. Is there a product that can capture these customers?

    • Enterprise website construction solution

      Enterprise website construction solution

      Abstract: The development of the Internet has provided more and more enterprises with more publicity and promotion methods, and at the same time opened up new marketing channels for various enterprises, which is what we call SEO online marketing.

    • Education training website construction plan

      Education training website construction plan

      Online media has become the main way for users to learn about online education companies or schools. Among them, online advertising accounts for 48.1%, ranking first, followed by online forums 43.9% and search engines 41.5%.

    • Portal construction solution

      Portal construction solution

      Compared with general website construction, portal website construction has the following characteristics: large amount of information, high timeliness of information update, and large number of visits; urgent requirements for revision, high system usability and stability requirements; Process can be customized; broadband multimedia content support. According to Souker's research on Guangzhou and Shenzhen corporate portals, a portal construction plan needs to be considered from different perspectives, collecting opinions from various aspects, passing review and evaluation, and then conducting a comprehensive survey and detailed deployment. .



    • Pingkang Car Rental NetworkPingkang Car Rental Network
    • Aosheng Wood GroupAosheng Wood Group
    • Youbangtu Education Resources NetworkYoubangtu Education Resources Network
    • Wedding People UnionWedding People Union
    • Hony Data SecurityHony Data Security
    • 俪 鑫 Hydraulic machine俪 鑫 Hydraulic machine
    • Ruilongyuan ElectronicsRuilongyuan Electronics
    • StraceStrace
    • Tongxin Culture MediaTongxin Culture Media
    • Martial arts advertisingMartial arts advertising
    • Yisheng PrinterYisheng Printer
    • Boltz valveBoltz valve
    • Mingyi Office FurnitureMingyi Office Furniture
    • Fallon Fingerprint LockFallon Fingerprint Lock
    • Chengdu Great CountryChengdu Great Country

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    • 2019-10-09

      Tianjin Keman Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. signed a brand website construction agreement with our company

      Tianjin Keman Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 with a registered capital of 10 million. Located in Tianjin Jinnan District. The main electrical and mechanical equipment and accessories, transmission equipment sales maintenance, office supplies, hardware and electricity, instrument sales, etc., is a professional mechanical and electrical equipment company in Tianjin.

    • 2019-09-29

      Zhuhai Feiya Circuit Signed the Official Website Construction Agreement with Our Company

      Zhuhai Feiya Circuit Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city of Zhuhai. It is a professional circuit board manufacturer and high-tech enterprise. The company adheres to the market positioning of multiple varieties, small and medium batches, and fast delivery. Printed circuit board.

    • 2019-09-29

      Dongguan Oubo New Material Co., Ltd. signed a website construction production agreement with our company

      Dongguan Obo New Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and is located in Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. The office environment is comfortable and beautiful, and the working atmosphere is elegant. The company has invested a total of 10 million yuan for the improvement of hardware facilities such as office buildings and product development and sales.

    • 2019-09-28

      Shenzhen Sanduo Dingye Technology Co., Ltd. signed a website agreement with our company

      Shenzhen Shenzhen Sanduo Dingye Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional mobile phone protective cover in Guangdong Province; mobile phone holster; single-chip Smart Cover imitation original 1: 1; ipad mini official single-chip; ipad mini production processing service provider. The registered capital is 0 and the number of employees is 100. Professional teams, technologies, products and services are the basis for cooperation with you. Your phone is our greatest support. You give me a call, and I also give you a sincere cooperation. I Contact person Zou Dongcheng.

    • 2019-09-28

      Shenzhen Rong Ruixin Trading Co., Ltd. signed a website agreement with our company

      Shenzhen Rongruixin Trading Co., Ltd. uses our responsive and adaptive website template to build a website. This type of case is the current trend of website programs. In addition to all functions of product display and information release, his feature is that it can automatically identify the Internet And mobile network terminal equipment, both suitable for browsing on a computer and for tablet computers and various mobile phones can adapt the screen size, which is the best choice for corporate website construction.

    • 2019-09-26

      Shenzhen Xiangyou Business Travel Service Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with us

      Shenzhen Xiangyou Business Travel Service Co., Ltd.'s business scope is: ticket agency; hotel booking; sales of tourist souvenirs; conference services; car rental (excluding restricted items); operating e-commerce; business consulting (excluding training, securities and other Restricted projects); marketing, exhibition planning; database processing; domestic trade, engaged in the import and export of goods and technology; tourism information consulting.

    • 2019-09-26

      Shenzhen Wenxin Shunda Freight Agency Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with us

      The office address of Shenzhen Wenxin Shunda Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. is located at 304, 3 / F, No. 52, Liyuan New Village, Bantian Community, Bantian Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Pengcheng, Shenzhen, China. On January 04, 2013 in Shenzhen Market The Supervision and Administration Bureau was registered with a registered capital of RMB 200,000. It mainly deals with domestic freight forwarders and domestic trade.

    • 2019-09-25

      Shenzhen Jinji Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with us

      Shenzhen Jinji Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. is a professional financial investment service organization. The investment direction of the fund involves high-growth projects such as efficient agriculture, mining, new energy, biotechnology, and aviation industries. Jinji Fund Management Co., Ltd. adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, professionalism, standardization and innovation", provides customers with excellent financial services. Jinji Investment has established a unique enterprise service system to provide enterprises with full support and comprehensive services. By tracking investment projects throughout the process, they can provide companies with professional and timely services including strategic carding, financing support, market development, talent training, and corporate governance. , Industrial mergers and acquisitions, corporate listings and other value-added services.

    • 2019-09-25

      Shenzhen Ai Fei Bo Trading Co., Ltd. signed a Baoan website construction agreement with our company

      Shenzhen Aifeibo Trading Co., Ltd. selects our responsive and adaptive website cases. Such cases are the current trend of website programs. In addition to having all functions of product display and information release, his feature is that it can automatically identify the Internet and Mobile network terminal equipment, which is suitable for browsing on a computer as well as tablet computers and various mobile phones, can adapt the screen size, which is the best choice for the corporate website. Shenzhen Afibo Trading Co., Ltd. is a qualified company audited by Bao'an Shajing Branch of Shenzhen Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce. It has a unified social credit code: 91440300060282484P. Shenzhen Afibo Trading Co., Ltd. Address: Shajing Street Center, Baoan District, Shenzhen Road Excellence Times Building 507-3

    • 2019-12-05

      Shenzhen Qudong Power Trading Co., Ltd. Supply Website Development Post

      Shenzhen Fun Power Trading Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful and prosperous Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. It is a cross-border e-commerce comprehensive trading enterprise. Now the company recruits website development engineer, urgently hired!

    • 2019-12-05

      Recruitment website design of Shenzhen Aibei Medical Consulting Co., Ltd.

      Recruitment website design of Shenzhen Aibei Medical Consulting Co., Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in medical consulting services, helping infertile families to analyze, find faster and more effective treatments, so that all such families can fulfill their parenting dreams in the shortest time.

    • 2019-12-05

      Shenzhen Jinshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. recruits senior engineer for website development

      Shenzhen Jinshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a classroom-focused STEAM education high-tech enterprise. It is located in the high-tech zone of Nanshan District, Shenzhen, which is at the forefront of reform. Now recruit senior engineer of website development.

    • 2019-12-05

      Shenzhen Top Security Software Co., Ltd. Urgently Needs Website Development

      Shenzhen Top Insurance Software Co., Ltd. is an information service provider for the financial and insurance industry for more than 10 years; its main business is to provide IT solutions and IT outsourcing services to customers. Tuobao's core customer areas include: insurance, banking, securities, internet, logistics, etc. The company is eager to recruit website developers.

    • 2019-12-05

      Shenzhen Elekta Jewelry Co., Ltd. Recruit Website Production SEO Optimization

      Shenzhen Elektra Jewelry Co., Ltd. has been focusing on gold jewellery casting for half a century, and has more than 50 years of development history. It belongs to the old international brand. In addition, gold jewelry is also integrated into traditional Chinese cultural elements to promote the entire Chinese market. Now the company recruits websites for SEO optimization.

    • 2019-12-05

      Shenzhen Hanzehua Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. recruits website construction supervisor

      Shenzhen Hanzehua E-commerce Co., Ltd. is a group benchmarking cross-border e-commerce enterprise that integrates multiple platforms and categories. The company focuses on two major fields of B2C and B2B, operating dozens of categories such as clothing, home furnishings, beauty, 3C electronics, outdoor, toys, security monitoring, and auto accessories, involving hundreds of thousands of products. Now the company recruits website construction supervisor.

    • 2019-12-05

      Shenzhen Jinba Technology Co., Ltd. invites website construction design

      Shenzhen Jinba Technology Co., Ltd. was established in March 2008. Is a comprehensive research and development, production and sales of outdoor lighting products, chargers as one integrated high-tech technology Co., Ltd., we have independent research and development design and production of the brand "sofirn" strong flashlight.

    • 2019-12-05

      Shenzhen Deep Blue Beat Technology Co., Ltd. invites website construction and operation

      Since the establishment of Deep Blue Technology, it has been mainly targeted at major e-commerce platforms. Today's headlines, Phoenix, Zhihui, Sohu, Sina, and product promotion on various platforms, the products have reached more than 50 models so far, is a very mature e-commerce company, Committed to being the second-class e-commerce leader, the company has been very mature in all aspects, including warehousing, customer service, and technology.

    • 2019-12-05

      Shenzhen Prospect Vocational Training Center recruits website construction, promotion and optimization

      Shenzhen Prospect Vocational Training Center is a city-level training institution approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Government. It is located in Futian Building (opposite the Shanghai Hotel) in the city center. For many years, the center has gathered many outstanding talents, integrated advantageous resources, and relied on favorable geographical transportation advantages. Many well-known domestic training institutions and colleges have cooperated to create outstanding training brands and cultivate a large number of professionals at different levels for society and enterprises.

    • 2019-12-11

      Enterprise application website development cycle cannot be less than three months

      Enterprise application websites mainly include: enterprise internal application systems, customer service platforms, functional large websites, enterprise mall platforms, WeChat malls, WeChat distribution systems, WeChat public account secondary development, and so on. To develop an enterprise application-type website platform, the contracting time between the website construction company and the customer should generally not be less than three months. why? Let us calculate the basic cycle of enterprise application website development.

    • 2019-12-10

      How to calculate the company website construction costs

      For most website construction companies, the cost of making a website is a core element to ensure the quality of the entire project and an important driving force for project progress. There are a lot of powerful companies making websites that don't care about the cost of building a website, and are willing to pay a high price to make a company website, as long as the designed work is satisfactory. So how to calculate the cost of the company's website construction?

    • 2019-12-10

      Advantages and costs of responsive website construction

      The design and development of responsive websites respond and adjust according to user behavior and device environment (system platform, screen size, screen orientation, etc.). Whether the user is using a notebook or iPad, our pages can automatically switch resolutions, pictures Size and related script functions to adapt to different devices; in other words, the page has the ability to automatically respond to the user's device environment. Responsive website construction is that a website can be compatible with multiple terminals, instead of making a specific version for each terminal.

    • 2019-12-09

      How Website Design Matches the Color of Pictures and Backgrounds

      How does the website design match the colors of the pictures and backgrounds more attractive to users? First, the website design should pay attention to the overall color harmony. Second, the website color must be balanced. Third, the background color of the website and the color of the graphics should highlight the picture.

    • 2019-12-09

      What are the important points of foreign trade website production?

      The production of a foreign trade website is very different from a Chinese website. We usually think that designing a very high-end website is not practical when doing foreign trade business development, and may even be disgusted by foreign website visitors. So, what are the important points for making a foreign trade website?

    • 2019-12-09

      Website development fee details and points to note

      Some companies don't look at the scale and fame are relatively small, or even unknown, but because marketing website development is done well, and later optimization and promotion are also in place, so the number of website visitors is increasing, and gradually With a constant passenger flow, fame in the market is also growing. In fact, developing a website cannot cope with things casually, you should find a professional website development company to cooperate.

    • 2019-12-09

      Necessity of SME Website Construction

      SMEs must make websites, which is a positive answer. So why should SMEs build a website and what is the necessity of website construction? I. Displaying the company's products and services is a basic function. 2. Designing and making a marketing website is an important magic weapon for small and medium-sized enterprises to overtake the curve. Third, use website SEO optimization to intercept most of the search engine traffic.

    • 2019-12-09

      How to synchronize website construction and promotion?

      When companies think of setting up a website, they are often pressed for time, and they will be promoted immediately after making the website, but the time is still a bit too late. In this case, is it possible to build a website and promote it at the same time? The answer is: yes. So how to make the website construction and promotion go together? Today, Shenzhen website design searcher came to the editor to talk about this topic.

    • 2019-12-08

      The practical significance of corporate marketing website construction

      The practical significance of corporate marketing website construction: First, marketing products, second, advancing with the times, and third, improving fame. At present, marketing websites are very popular. In addition to their own display websites, many companies will also design marketing website construction for product marketing. This is also the reason why many companies build their own websites.

    • 2019-12-05

      Shenzhen Kai Shide Technology Co., Ltd. Recruiting Website Optimization Specialist

      Shenzhen Kai Shide Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electrostatic equipment. It is a brand of Suzhou Haixin Electromechanical. Suzhou was established in 2003. For the past ten years, Haixin has been carefully creating each industry Products.

    • 2019-11-12

      Website optimization analysis of bounce rate

      Website construction companies believe that pages with excessive bounce rates only make sense if they have a large number of visitors. For a landing page with a bounce rate as high as 95%, optimization only makes sense if it has thousands of visitors per month. Before starting to evaluate the bounce rate of the entry page, you must first determine the fewer visits to the entry page. This number will vary depending on the size of the site and the average order amount.

    • 2019-11-06

      Website optimization is actually a ridding machine

      I heard that a netizen who has been doing website optimization for a long time gave Baidu a nickname "Li Wanji". He said that website SEO optimization is actually a wise man. This sentence sounds a little clueless, but makes sense. Everyone knows that after the website is built, the ranking optimization of the website is not accomplished overnight, but it must be accumulated for a long time. The early site optimization includes optimization and adjustment of website structure, column settings, website TDK settings, keywords, and internal link layout. After the optimization of the site is completed, you must continue to do content construction for a long time. High-quality original content is the most important factor to set a good website ranking. Secondly, we need to build the external chain.

    • 2019-11-06

      Various methods of website optimization need to find a balance

      Practice has proved that it is necessary to use three methods in an orderly combination to optimize good keywords for website optimization. When we use various means, we need to find a balance point. When there are obvious deficiencies in other aspects, we must not overuse one of the means, otherwise it will be too late, and it may have negative effects.

    • 2019-10-22

      Website construction company introduces the role of soft text optimization on website optimization

      Website construction company introduction Soft text optimization is a part of website optimization. It seems to have little effect and is a part that is easy to be ignored. Website ranking is the external manifestation of website optimization, so if you want to improve your website ranking, you must optimize your website in time.

    • 2019-10-15

      What are the key points for a website construction company to make traffic soar and rank stable?

      Website construction companies are facing the pressure of customer website construction and optimization every day. Often, the white hat method is slow to do the website optimization and the effective pages are slow. The method must not be delayed and may not see any effect, but some website construction companies will always have Unique optimization website technology, and can make the website ranking steady and traffic soaring.

    • 2019-10-09

      Analysis of the Competitive Website Optimization Strategy and Its Significance

      According to the Shenzhen website construction agency, to analyze the website, it is necessary to categorize and statistics the data related to the opponent's website, and conduct thorough analysis and research on a category-by-category basis. It is important to analyze competitors' website optimization strategies.

    • 2019-10-09

      Introduction to the use of data analysis tools in website SEO optimization operations

      Shenzhen Website Construction Souker introduced that there are three main categories of webmaster tools commonly used in website optimization SEO: traffic statistics analysis tools, webmaster tools, and external analysis tools. Data analysis is an indispensable task in the optimization operation of the website SEO. Having various tools in the work process will not only greatly improve work efficiency, but also make your own work goals clearer and work progress more controllable The overall grasp of website optimization is stronger.

    • 2019-09-26

      In Baidu's opinion, does the nofollow tag make sense for limiting weight transfer?

      At present, many SEO optimized content platform websites accept the submission of content from netizens, just like the media websites that accept submissions. Baidu's products include Baidu Library, Baidu Encyclopedia, and Baidu Experience. Video sites such as Youku and Kuliu can also be used.

    • 2019-11-27

      Formulation process of network promotion plan

      Here are divided into several steps to analyze and formulate a website construction network promotion plan. Record daily IP traffic and PV traffic; the number of each search engine index; the completion criteria of each stage of external links; website optimization ranking and PR value weight; how keywords are ranked in each search engine; the actual number of customers converted in integrated marketing strategies How to make a clear record of such aspects as the image of online brand website construction.

    • 2019-11-13

      Website construction companies often design and develop people

      If the construction of the Shenzhen website is to develop websites for devices that can connect to the Internet, then it can be said that it is designing "mobile devices". But this also means that when people are running around, or at least not tied to the house, we are designing these people who use the device.

    • 2019-11-04

      Shenzhen website production introduction

      Shenzhen website production introduction comparison attached positioning, is a positioning method to attach a famous brand, compare the famous brand to the company's own brand positioning, and use the influence of well-known brands to enhance the company's own brand image. Bifu positioning is usually implemented in the following three ways: the strategy of holding a group, the second doctrine, and climbing the phoenix.

    • 2019-11-04

      Four positioning rules of Shenzhen website construction company

      Shenzhen's well-known website construction company introduces the positioning of business philosophy, which is the use of its own distinct business philosophy as a brand positioning request, so as to reflect the inherent nature of the corporate brand. If an enterprise has the correct corporate purpose, good mental outlook and business philosophy, then the use of business philosophy positioning will easily establish a corporate brand image that will make the public feel good, and it can also improve the value of brand website construction and brand image. .

    • 2019-11-04

      Shenzhen website construction company

      According to Shenzhen Website Construction Company, our competitors are not all enterprises, but we must selectively determine the company's competitors based on the company's own situation and characteristics. When making a choice, you also need to match according to the size of the company and its financial resources. Of course, we need to look ahead, we should choose companies that are "better" than us as competitors, otherwise we will lose the meaning of competition, and at the same time, we must pay attention to the competitors who come next.

    • 2019-10-31

      Website construction company believes that the overall style needs to be reviewed frequently when designing a website

      If the Shenzhen website construction company has a clear direction from the beginning: use color to determine the overall tone (emotion transmission), determine the website design style (substitution sense), and then determine how to use these basic tone styles and methods to make the website The page has a good sense of reading. Designing with the overall thinking of the page often saves a lot of time for repeated adjustments in the later stages. When designing a website, you need to constantly review the overall style.

    • 2019-10-30

      Website Construction Company Recommends Website News Headlines

      When a website construction company recommends website news writing, you must consider and layout the news headline from the following major factors: visitors; potential customers; attractiveness; keyword layout; site placement and crowd; writing purpose; writing theme.

    • 2019-10-29

      Website building company headline design tips for email marketing

      Shenzhen website construction introduction Nowadays, unless people have urgent or special needs, people will be willing to go online to search and find the information they need. They annoy daily life, work, family and other things, and their free time is always limited. As a result, Internet marketers have invented email marketing, making customers' active search passively accepted. Every office worker sends and receives emails every day, so email marketing is becoming increasingly popular.

    • 2019-10-28

      What are the main points of the page title to attract searchers

      Website construction company introduction According to a study abroad, the average searcher spends 45% of the time watching the search results, 30% of the time on the title, 21% of the time to view the URL, and 5.7 to click second. Therefore, the title of a good website design should be concise, personalized, and themed. In view of this, we can do this.

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